Meet the Peer Coaches and Coordinators

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Peer Coaches

Peer Coaches are advanced UF undergraduate students that are committed to serve as OAS liaisons. These student volunteers are dedicated to academic success and maintain a solid academic standing. They possess strong communication skills, a desire to be part of a team, and pride in the University of Florida’s and Office of Academic Support’s mission and values. Most importantly, those selected to be Peer Coaches recognize that the transition process is overwhelming for many students and deeply desire to encourage and assist their peers academically and socially.

Imani Barnes

Volodymyr Dobrotov

Jacobed Martinez

Youselene Beauplan

Jasmine Harper

Bensey Pierre-Louis

Virginia Content

Shandlie Jean-Baptiste

Orchid Thomas

Sherbie Darbouze

Mackintosh Joachim

Jamilee Yern

Reylan Davis

Vivaldy Louissaint

Kristen Wilson

Undergraduate Student Coordinators

The OAS Coordinators are central to the program in coordinating special events and workshops, and supervising the OAS Peer Coaches. They participate in the interview, selection, and training process of the Peer Coaches in preparation for the Transition Orientation Program (TOP). OAS Coordinators also lead committees responsible for creating OAS workshops, on-campus social events, fundraisers, and program advertising.  Coordinators are undergraduate UF students who have at least one year mentoring experience and are available to work at least 10 hours per week. Work-study eligibility is preferred.

  • Jose Cordero
  • Isabella Noury
  • Skye Bristol
  • Braxton Cunningham