Student Employment

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The Office of Academic Support offers UF students a variety of free resources and programs, but we also offer students employment opportunities under work-study.  Students who are eligible will not only receive compensation, but also develop professionalism while working in an office setting.  We strive to promote leadership, integrity, and success for all of our students.

Peer Undergraduate Coordinators

The OAS Coordinators are central to the program in coordinating special events and workshops, and supervising the OAS Peer Coaches. OAS Coordinators also lead committees responsible for creating OAS workshops, on-campus social events, fundraisers, and program advertising. Coordinators are undergraduate UF students who have at least one year mentoring experience and are available to work at least 10 hours per week. Work-study eligibility is preferred.

Peer Undergraduate Coordinator Applications for the 2019-2020 Academic Year are now available!
Hardcopy applications are also available for pick-up in Classroom Building (CBD) Room 110.

Desk Assistants

The OAS Desk Assistants primarily aid the Academic Assistant in conducting various administrative tasks around the office. Duties include scheduling Peer Coach (PC) and Peer Academic Leader (PAL) appointments, collecting tutor evaluations, keeping a record of Library West walk-ins, answering the phones, greeting visitors, and maintaining general organization in the office. Basic computer and typing skills are necessary. Work-study eligibility is preferred.


The OAS Tutors are students who have developed a particular expertise in subjects offered at UF and feel comfortable assisting their peers. Tutors may be able to assist students in multiple subjects depending on their skill. Appointment scheduling is flexible depending on the tutor’s availability. Work-study eligibility is preferred.