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Student retention and graduation rates are a major part of UF’s mission.

You are our partners in retaining UF students and helping them develop academically and socially to their fullest potential. We are dedicated to academic excellence and success.  Faculty often hold the key to how students perceive their learning environment and other college experiences, and influence student’s willingness to persist.  Therefore, faculty should create learning opportunities that enable students to connect academically and where possible facilitate social engagement, as well.

OAS creates opportunities for faculty and staff to connect with UF students, specifically with special populations such as first-generation and Promise.

p1010524Resources and Tips:

A. Faculty can make referrals to the Office of Academic Support. These referrals may include academic alerts or recommendations for students to serve as a peer coach.

B. Building a sense of community in and out of the classroom

  • Join the next Faculty/Student lunch box series
  • Host a workshop
  • Request an invitation to participate in the Meet UF networking event for incoming freshmen

oas123C. In providing academic advising in your classes and teaching students about other campus resources

  • Make sure that counselors and advisors have information to work with your students
  • Remind them about tutoring services offered by the Office of Academic Support, The Writing Center and Broward Teaching Center
  • Have a counselor and representatives from various student support services visit your class
  • Feel free to include appropriate links to OAS and other various campus offices in your syllabus

D. If a student needs help, feel free to contact our office and we will be happy to reach out to him or her and follow up to walk the student over to the proper office and make an introduction.

E. Contact us if you have a grant that supports targeted student populations