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What is the Office of Academic Support (OAS)?
Where is OAS located and what are the office hours?
What programs and services are offered by OAS?
How do I become a part of the program?
Who can utilize OAS services?
Is there a fee for OAS services?
When will I meet my mentor?
How long will I have a mentor?
How often do I need to meet with my OAS Peer Mentor?
How do I become an OAS Peer Mentor?
Can I participate in workshops and academic tutoring if I did not participate in the Transition Orientation Program (TOP)?
Do I have to attend Preview if I am attending the OAS Transition Orientation Program (TOP)?
Where can I find information about OAS Workshops, tutoring schedules, and social events provided by OAS?
What if I cannot attend an OAS Workshop and complete my AIM requirement because of scheduling conflicts?
How do I know how many workshops I have already attended?
What are some employment or volunteer opportunities at OAS for students?
How do I sign up for tutoring?
What courses are available to receive tutoring?
Does OAS have computers available for student use?
Does OAS provide financial assistance to students?
What if I want more information?