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What is the Office of Academic Support (OAS)?
The OAS Program provides support and enrichment services to all first-generation University of Florida (UF) students. In addition, OAS provides the primary academic support services to approximately 150-400 incoming freshmen each year. These services provide students with the academic and social skills necessary to reach their full potential and graduate from UF. OAS services are offered and accessible to all UF students free of charge. OAS works in conjunction with several integral offices including the Offices of Admissions, Dean of Students, Academic Technology, Student Financial Affairs, Housing and Residence Education, UF Promise, and the Academic Advising Center to offer a thorough introduction and orientation to UF.

Where is OAS located and what are the office hours?
The OAS offices are located in the Classroom Building in Room 110. Office hours are from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

What programs and services are offered by OAS?
Support services and programs offered include free academic tutoring, peer mentoring, and academic workshops. The workshops cover topics such as study skills, time management, career planning, library skills, stress management, and general professional development. These activities are designed to promote successful navigation through all UF systems and stimulate student participation in pursuits which enhance academic progress.

How do I become a part of the program?
First-year students can register for the OAS Connect and sign-up to be paired with an OAS Peer Coach before the start of Summer B or Fall semesters. All UF students are welcome to participate in free academic tutoring, workshops, and social events hosted by OAS throughout the year.

Who can utilize OAS services?
All UF students that think they will benefit are encouraged to take advantage of OAS services.

Is there a fee for OAS services?
All OAS services are offered free of charge.

When will I meet my peer coach?
The OAS Peer Coaches (PCs) are assigned prior to Connect where students will be introduced and meet their PC. If students are unable to attend Connect, OAS will arrange for an individual appointment for students to meet their assigned PC.

How long will I have a peer coach?
The relationship between a peer coach and student is highly dependent on the student’s preferences. The program is designed to provide a PC for the student’s first year. When strong bonds are made, and the Peer coach is utilized, the relationship can last as long as both PC and student chooses.

How often do I need to meet with my OAS Peer Coach?
All OAS Peer Coaches (PCs) are required to hold office hours. Although it may not be necessary to meet with your peer coach weekly, it is highly recommended that contact with your PC is regular.

How do I become an OAS Peer Coach?
The Peer Coach selection process begins in late fall with an initial OAS Peer Coach Information Session. Applications are soon made available for access on the OAS website. During the spring, a final Information Session is held, and applications are due the last week in January. Applicants must partake in a succession of interviews to demonstrate their successful navigation and transition into the academic rigors of UF. OAS Peer Coaches are chosen by the second week of March and soon after begin training for the upcoming summer B and fall semesters.

Can I participate in workshops and academic tutoring if I did not participate in OAS Connect?
OAS programs and services are available to all UF students. In fact, we highly recommend and strongly encourage students to take advantage of all services to enhance their academic success.

Do I have to attend Preview if I am attending OAS Connect?
UF Preview is mandatory for all incoming University of Florida students. Connect is not a substitute for Preview, but is meant to complement or enhance this UF orientation program. The OAS Connect is mandatory for all Promise students.

Where can I find information about OAS Workshops, tutoring schedules, and social events provided by OAS?
Information regarding workshops and tutoring can be found under the “Students” tab on the OAS website. Please visit the OAS website homepage to learn about upcoming OAS events.

What if I cannot attend an OAS Workshop and complete my Promise requirement because of scheduling conflicts?
Promise students may attend other, pre-approved academic workshops presented by different UF departments. Students must provide reasonable documentation of workshop attendance and deliver it to OAS to receive full credit. Please visit the workshops page to browse through a list of approved UF departments which host workshops that may be substituted for credit.

How do I know how many workshops I have already attended?
Promise students have access to the Promise E-Learning Site where a record is kept of each student’s workshop attendance.

What are some employment or volunteer opportunities at OAS for students?
Employment opportunities at OAS include Desk Assistant, Tutor, Undergraduate Student Coordinator, and Graduate Assistant. UF students can volunteer to be an OAS Peer Coach or member of the MVP (Making Visible Progress) student organization.

How do I sign up for tutoring?
To schedule an OAS tutoring appointment, please visit the TutorTrac website. Appointments are available in the Classroom Building, Room 110 from 9:35AM-4:45PM. You may also contact the office directly by phone, 352-392-0788, or by email, ap-oas-tutoring@ad.ufl.edu, to schedule an appointment.Walk-in hours for tutoring are also available in Library West from 6:15-8PM, Monday through Thursday on the 3rdfloor. No appointment is necessary to receive tutoring at Library West. Please review the schedule by clicking on the “Tutoring” tab.

What courses are available to receive tutoring?
OAS tutors are proficient in a broad range of subjects that may include economics, finance, algebra, trigonometry, pre-calculus, calculus, statistics, chemistry, physics, biology, English, Spanish, and psychology.

Does OAS have computers available for student use?
Unfortunately, OAS does not have computers available for student use. Please visit the UF CIRCA computer labs located on campus.

Does OAS provide financial assistance to students?
OAS provides students with a variety of financial assistance. Students who are part of the UF Promise program receive a stipend for the summer B semester only. OAS also offers employment opportunities for students, especially those who are work-study eligible.

What if I want more information?
If you have any questions, please visit OAS in Classroom Building, Room 110, call 352-392-0788, or email oas@aa.ufl.edu.