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The Office of Academic support extends our welcome and congratulations to our parents on choosing UF. Your student will join a class of over 6500 incoming freshmen. This is a new beginning and can be exciting and unsettling for all involved, especially our parents. The good news is that the Office of Academic Support wants to ensure that UF students experience a smooth transition into UF. We understand the roles that parents play and appreciate your stewardship through this period of adjustment.

To serve as a resource for our parents, we encourage you to visit our office and will answer any questions you may have concerning OAS programs and services, and how we can best support your student. We also extend an invitation to our parents to attend CONNECT, the transition orientation program for incoming summer B students. During this time we can meet with our parents and help them better understand UF and the expectations that accompany being a UF student.

OAS coordinates UF PROMISE and the UF Student Support Services. These programs offer support services and some unique opportunities to our student scholars that include workshops, peer coaching, and tutoring. We also coordinate a summer bridge program that features accelerated learning for calculus, chemistry, and writing. We strongly encourage our students to take advantage of these programs and services so that they create a solid academic foundation. Our goal to enhance our UF student’s experience and assist them in achieving academic success.

If you would like to further assist OAS in developing programs to serve students, you can offer a donation to the OAS Empowerment Fund.