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The beginning of college life for a student can be an exciting yet uneasy time for both the student and their family. Students are likely to become homesick, and parents are likely to worry about their student being away from home. The good news is, this is normal! The Office of Academic Support (OAS) wants to ensure not only that students experience a smooth transition into UF, but also that parents play an active role in knowing that their student is well taken care of.

One of the ways we promote family cooperation is by hosting information sessions for parents and family to attend. Parents and family of AIM students are highly encouraged to attend the AIM mandatory Preview breakout session in order to meet OAS Staff and learn more about the program. Family members of all first-year UF students are welcome to attend the OAS Transition Orientation Program (TOP) held before the start of each Summer B and Fall semesters. We will feature specific workshop sessions designed to provide parents with important information regarding UF policies and resources. Registration is not required for parents and family to attend the TOP.

Our Peer Advising Coaching program can bring some relief to both students and family in promoting and developing professional relationships between first-year and “experienced” students. At the TOP, students and families are able to meet the OAS Peer Advising Coaches and exchange contact information. Parents and family are encouraged to work alongside the OAS Peer Advising Coaches to ensure a student’s success while at UF. However, please remember that the mentoring relationship is professional and requires a level of confidentiality with students, as outlined by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Apart from the active ways parents and family can work with OAS, we also encourage family members to help students develop their own sense of independence. Remember to remind your students about the other resources OAS offers, including free tutoring and academic workshops. Being a college student isn’t always easy for families, but we are here to help and make sure your student gets the information they need to develop academically and professionally.

If you would like to further assist OAS in developing programs to serve students, you can offer a donation to the OAS Empowerment Fund.