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AIM LogoThe AIM program consists of students who are selectively chosen by the Office of Admissions upon entering their first year at the University of Florida.  Criteria for selection may be based on the student’s SAT/ACT scores, family income, high school geographical region or graduation rate, and whether the student is the first in their family to attend college. AIM exists to serve student scholars, who UF feels will benefit from the additional support provided to enrich the student’s academic program.

AIM scholars begin their first semester at UF during Summer B and receive a scholarship intended to cover the cost of attendance for semester. Additionally, students become part of the AIM Learning & Involvement Community (ALIC) in which they have the opportunity to network with peers while living in the same residence area on campus. Upon arriving to the UF campus, AIM students are also invited to attend the OAS Summer Transition Orientation Program (TOP) before the start of classes. This is another opportunity for students to greet fellow peers, become familiar with a variety of on-campus resources, become acclimated to a university setting, and meet their OAS Peer Coaches and Coordinators.

All UF students can take advantage of the resources OAS has to offer including free tutoring, workshops which promote academic success, and peer coaching. AIM scholars additional benefits include access to our AIM Academic Advisors that assist with all matters related to registration. During the Summer B semester, AIM scholars have the prospect of taking classes of a smaller size to enhance writing and math skills. Contingent upon the fulfillment of specific AIM requirements, scholars are eligible to receive advanced registration and advisement each semester until completion of a UF degree. The First Year Florida course is mandatory and we have a selected number of sections specifically for AIM students.


In order to obtain and preserve the summer AIM Scholarship and recurrent advanced registration for classes, all AIM scholars must agree and adhere to the following requirements:

  1. Attend the mandatory AIM Q&A session during Preview
  2. Reside in the AIM living and Learning Community during the Summer B term
  3. Participate in the OAS Transition Orientation Program held the weekend prior to the start of Summer B
  4. Meet as directed with an AIM Academic Advisor
  5. Attend at least 4 OAS workshops each semester of freshmen year (Summer B, Fall, and Spring); beyond year 1 AIM Scholars are strongly encouraged to attend one workshop intended to the more advanced academic scholars
  6. Meet with OAS Peer Mentor regularly