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Academic Success Workshops

In collaboration with our campus partners, OAS offers a series of workshops that provide information and learning strategies to help students develop skills and attributes needed to be successful in college.

To register for a workshop, please click on the name of the workshop and complete the registration form.   Students must also sign-in at the beginning of the workshop to earn credit.


Title Date Time Location
Off-Campus Housing January 30 1:55 PM LIT 0109
Student Government Voting February 5 5:10 PM CSE E119
REAL Diversity/Inclusion February 13 3:00 PM FLG 0220
Changing Majors/Career Paths February 19 12:50 PM LIT 0207
Sexual Health February 28 1:55 PM FLG 0230
Library Resources March 14 5:10 PM CSE E119
Plagiarism March 18 1:55 PM LIT 0109
Interviewing Strategies March 27 3:00 PM FLG 0220
Financial Literacy April 1 12:50 PM TUR L011
Alcohol 101 April 11 3:00 PM FLG 0230
Library Resources April 17 5:10 PM CSE E119


Promise students are required to attend 4 workshops per semester during their first three semesters and should be aware of all policies regarding failure to meet this requirement. If you experience scheduling conflicts with attending an OAS workshop, Promise students may also provide proof of having attended other pre-approved academic workshops hosted by different UF departments. Promise students must provide reasonable documentation of workshop attendance and deliver it to OAS in order to receive full credit.

Please review the following websites for upcoming workshops which can be substituted for credit: