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Academic Success Workshops

OAS coordinates a series of workshops that are offered fall, spring and summer B semesters.  In collaboration with our campus partners, we offer interactive sessions that provide information and learning strategies to help students develop skills and attributes needed to be successful in college.   Workshops are coordinated by OAS student staff and  we encourage student participants to provide feedback on topics that they have found most helpful.  We want to include additional topics that may not be offered currently .  Faculty and staff are also welcomed to suggest or present on topics or learning strategies that may assist students in a particular UF course or subject.

AIM students are required to attend 4 workshops per semester during their first three semesters and should be aware of all policies regarding failure to meet this requirement. Therefore, it is important that AIM students log-in to the AIM e-learning site to sign-up.   Students must also sign-in at the beginning of the workshop to earn credit.


Title Date Time Location
Diversity Meet Up: Pre-Career Showcase January 23 5:00PM Career Resource Center
Dressing Etiquette January 26 5:00PM Turlington Hall Room L011 (TUR L011)
College Nutrition January 31 1:55PM New Engineering Building 202 (NEB 202)
Greek Life February 6 5:00PM Turlington Hall Room L011 (TUR L011)
Focus Group February 9 1:55PM Norman Hall 331 (NRN 331)
No Fear Here… Public Speaking February 15 1:55PM Fine Arts Building B 105 (FAB 105)
Staying Fit February 23 5:00PM Turlington Hall Room L011 (TUR L011)
Research Opportunities February 27 1:55PM Norman Hall 331 (NRN 331)
Summer is Near March 15 5:00PM Little Hall 101 (LIT 101)
Involvement… Is It Too Much? March 21 1:55PM New Engineering Building 202 (NEB 202)
Mechanical Skills March 28 5:00PM Turlington Hall Room L005 (L005)
Focus Group April 6 1:55PM TBA

If you experience scheduling conflicts with attending an OAS workshop, AIM students may also provide proof of having attended other pre-approved academic workshops hosted by different UF departments. AIM students must provide reasonable documentation of workshop attendance and deliver it to OAS in order to receive full credit.

Please review the following websites for upcoming workshops which can be substituted for credit:

Other UF students not affiliated with AIM may contact the office directly via email,, or phone, 352-392-0788, to sign-up for a workshop. If you have questions or concerns, please contact OAS.