Greetings Promise Scholars,

Welcome to the University of Florida and the Gator Nation! UF is a special place with traditions, diversity, and commitment to academic excellence.  During your time here, you will broaden your horizons, establish a network of lifelong friends, mentors, and learn more than you imagined; let's not forget to have fun.

The PROMISE program will play a key role in your success.   Helping you build community, develop relationships, and a deep sense of belonging to sustain you as you embark on this exciting and, at times, daunting journey.  This may be the first time in your life that you are charting your own educational course.  From my own experience, I know that our commitment and dedication to personal and academic development can be challenged when navigating your undergraduate experience.  The Promise program will be unwavering in our support. We believe in you and will help you maximize your potential to be triumphant.

The PROMISE program strives to enrich your undergraduate experience and create a friendly and encouraging learning community during your time at UF.  We want you to fully participate in the vast array of activities, programs, advising, coaching and other services that extend the academic curriculum to newfound opportunities.   

I look forward to assisting you as you matriculate through your UF undergraduate experience.

Go Gators! 

Angeleah Browdy