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You should have received SFA communications indicating your participation in PROMISE and anticipated funding regardless of financial need. Again, to receive funding UF Promise Scholars must complete both the 2020-21 and 2021-22 FASFAs. Please review the Financial Aid Checklist that contains detailed information about the Promise scholarship/aid and the necessary action items to complete and submit the required documents and secure your funding. Please note that all funding is contingent on your confirmation and participation in Promise, Summer B, and Fall registration with Summer B enrollment.

Promise Scholars are required to live on-campus for Summer B(only). We established the Promise Living and Learning Community (P-LLC) to offer our undergraduate scholars a summer experience enriched with programs and services to facilitate academic and personal development. Scholars residing in the LLC are allowed to explore and experience college life with other students enrolled in the program. PROMISE scholars have an extra layer of support, new learning opportunities, and collaborative activities. By the end of the summer, Promise Scholars will have created networks, friendships, and strong academic habits to support their academic success throughout their UF careers!

Students must apply for Summer B Housing and then sign their contract and pay associated fees through the Housing Management System (HMS) Portal. Please note that the summer Housing deposit is deferred for Promise Scholars. The deposit will be paid from your Promise scholarship/aid at the beginning of the Summer B term. For the most up-to-date information on Housing, go to

Preview is UF's new student orientation experience. All new UF students are required to participate in Preview. Registration usually opens in late March. Look for your UFL email for specific instructions on your Preview registration Process. Additional information on Preview can be found at

This two-day fun-filled event hosted by the Office of Academic Support Undergraduate Peer Coordinators includes workshops, meet and greets, and other social events. We welcome our Promise Scholars and other incoming summer B students. Students who attend this program begin their UF transition, learning more about the UF traditions, expectations, academic planning, UF resources, and opportunities for involvement. UF Connect is the weekend before Summer B classes begin. Registration information will be available on the OAS website at