Office of Academic Support - University of Florida

The University of Florida awarded $1.3 million to help disadvantaged, First-generation, and students with disabilities succeed in college.

Published January 1st, 2021

We are pleased to announce that UF has been awarded a $1,309,440 grant for the Student Support Services TRiO Program.

This is a highly competitive national program funded by the Department of Education to help more students succeed and graduate. The funding will allow UF’s Office of Academic Support (OAS) to continue providing academic support services and educational opportunities to students participating in the Student Support Services (SSS) program. OAS received an initial award for $1.1 million in 2015. 

UFSSS is a comprehensive academic support program designed to identify the academic needs and services for low-income, first-generation and college students with disabilities.  The program offers opportunities and an array of resources to enhance students’ educational and personal experiences and career development. Students may receive academic tutoring, financial aid advice, career and college mentoring, peer coaching, help in choosing courses, and other assistance. SSS Scholarships are also available to UFSSS participants.  Assisting students in acquiring financial resources makes it more likely that students will graduate with the lowest possible debt. These services support student success and enrich the undergraduate experience.

To boost retention and graduation rates at UF, we must provide help to underserved students that need financial support and guidance in navigating their UF undergraduate experience.  This grant-funded program fulfills a tremendous need at UF.  The program helps to create a supportive learning environment where students want to engage and connect with a UF community designed to meet their needs.