LAP-2 is a year-long enrichment program designed to help UF students find their Identity and Purpose so they can determine the action they want to take as a leader. By participating in informational meetings, service-learning, and other hands-on experiences, LAP-2 participants will hone their leadership skills. Ultimately, LAP-2 empowers participants to develop as people, grow as leaders, and find success in their future endeavors.


Benefits of the program: 

  • Finding and strengthening identity and purpose
  • Networking with UF Leaders (faculty, administrators and Peers)  
  • A shared community to navigate the UF experience
  • Career Shadowing & Career Development Opportunities
  • Leadership Development Certification
  • Program Leadership Opportunities
  • Resume Building
  • Service Learning 


Program Eligibility:

  • Enrolled UF undergraduate student 
  • 2.85 GPA minimum 
  • Willing to participate in yearlong program activities  
  • Interest in working with or receiving OAS services  
  • Has not been found in violation of the UF Student Code of Conduct

Applications accepted yearly in March for the following year

Applications are currently closed