LAP-2 Cohorts

The Leadership Advancement Program (LAP-2) is a year-long enrichment program designed to help second-year first-generation students find their identity, purpose so they can determine the action they want to take as a leader.

. Through informational meetings, career shadowing, service learning, and more, students gain all of the tools needed to lead and equip others. These are more than students, these are the leaders of the future.

Graduate Coordinators

Mera Mohler
Michelle Fasano
Angelena Ross
LAP-2 2020-2021

Jennifer Cesar

Nursing major

Kiana Spatcher

Criminology major

Olivia Kim

Health Science major

Sabrina Agic

Psychology and English major

Stephanie Reas

Health Science major

Takayla Edwards

Public Health major

Jennifer Noa

Biomedical Engineering major

Vicky Apostolou

Biology major

Lucia Papadopulos

Bachelor of Science major

Alaina Carpenter

Preprofessional Health Science major

Isabella Adler

Political Science major

Karen Lin

Biology major

Karime Castillo

Health Science major

Noosha Assary

Rodney Womack

Rose Termidor

Nursing major

Sharon Ochoa

Biomedical Engineering major