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Welcome to the Office of Academic Support

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Fall 2023
A Tradition of Excellence in Supporting UF Undergraduates for over 35 Years… 

 The Office of Academic Support strives to support UF undergraduates' academic and personal development through coordinated courses, workshops, support services, and academic programs. We target  many of these services towards undergraduate scholars that are first-generation or from the disadvantaged background because we know they will face some unique challenges.  Our UF undergraduate scholars, their families, faculty and staff can look to OAS for resources that help students transition into UF, navigate their experience and plan for success. 

It is essential to advocate for an equitable college experience for those that may be historically disadvantaged or first-generation. OAS programs educate and empower students to discover and engage in effective practices for academic and personal thriving. Our SummerBridge enrichment program offers self-management tools, learning strategies, comprehensive support, and the sense of belonging needed to engage in the UF community fully. 

We genuinely believe that UF offers an undergraduate experience unlike any other. We are excited to guide students toward academic success and look forward to supporting them every step of the way. 

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