UF Promise 

UF Promise is a program aimed at first-year college students at the University of Florida. The program works in conjunction with the Office of Admissions, where students are selectively chosen upon entering their first year at UF. Through the admissions process, the university selects candidates for the program who will benefit from additional scholarly support and enrichment for success at UF.



SSS is a federally funded TRIO program designed to assist eligible students with all aspects of college life so that they can achieve their goals and successfully reach graduation.



LAP-2 is a year-long enrichment program designed to help 2nd-year students find their Identity and Purpose so they can determine the action they want to take as a leader. By participating in informational meetings, service-learning, and other hands-on experiences, LAP-2 participants will hone their leadership skills. Ultimately, LAP-2 empowers participants to develop as people, grow as leaders, and find success in their future endeavors.



PUSH4it is an OAS initiative for UF first-year students who have the goal of graduating in 4 years, or who are looking to maximize their time at UF by graduating early in a timely manner. When you join PUSH4It, our office will partner with you to support and equip you with a variety of resources to help you reach your graduation goals throughout the next 4 years.