Recurring Events

OAS Open House

Every January

This event is open to all UF students and campus partners

iDigTRIO Biological Sciences Conference and Fair

Every February

This event is open to all UF students


Trio Day

National Trio Day is every year on February 28th

Graduate Prep Symposium


Whether you plan on attending graduate school or are still considering your options, you are likely facing many questions. From which degree program is right for you to how to finance it all, preparing for graduate school is an undertaking that requires research and persistence. Our annual Graduate Prep Symposium (GPS)event introduces undergraduate students to the idea of pursuing graduate and professional schooling. It is also geared to aid prospective graduate students in effectively complete the overall application process and eventually become successful students. Attendees will gain valuable insight from the source, with graduate school professional guests and alumni themselves. All students that attend GPS will gain valuable information that helps them pre-and-post- their undergraduate program.


Every year the weekend before Summer B

This event is open to incoming Promise and SSS students

Meet UF

Every year in September

This event is open to all UF students and campus partners


Every year in October

This event is open to all UF students. This event will take place on October 27th 2021 from 2pm to 6pm at the Reitz Union