About Promise

What is UF Promise? It’s our promise to you.

UF Promise is a program aimed at first-year college students at the University of Florida. The program works in conjunction with the Office of Admissions, where students are selectively chosen upon entering their first year at UF. Through the admissions process, the university selects candidates for the program who will benefit from additional scholarly support and enrichment for success at UF. Through our program, we encourage these students to grow and meet their full potential beyond their first year at UF.

How does it work?

Promise students must begin their first semester during the Summer B term at UF. Upon their arrival, they are initiated into the Promise Learning & Involvement Community (PLIC), where other Promise students like them share the same residence area on campus. This opportunity, made possible through UF Housing, allows for peer networking, early college friendships, and lasting relationships among fellow Gators and UF Promise scholars.

Upon arriving at UF Campus, Promise students are invited to attend the OAS Connect Program. Our annual OAS Connect event lets incoming first-year students greet their fellow peers, discover campus resources, and meet their Promise Peer Leaders (PLs), all while becoming accustomed to a university setting for the first time.

What does it take to be a Promise scholar?

Promise scholars have access to exclusive resources such as academic advising through OAS, priority options for smaller class sizes during Summer B, and semesterly advanced registration and advising. They must also complete a mandatory First Year Florida course with sections dedicated specifically for Promise students. In addition to this, Promise students can also utilize other resources offered through OAS, including access to free tutoring through Knack tutoring services, personal and professional workshops, and peer coaching.


In order to obtain and preserve the summer Promise Scholarship and recurrent advanced registration for classes, all Promise scholars must agree and adhere to the following requirements:

    1. Attend the mandatory Promise Q&A session during Preview
    2. Reside in the Promise Living and Learning Community during the Summer B term
    3. Participate in the OAS Connect Program held the weekend prior to the start of Summer B
    4. Meet as directed with Promise College Advising Liaisons (PCAL)
    5. Fulfill all requirements regarding OAS events and workshop attendance, meetings with Peer Coaches (PCs) and Academic Success Coaches (ASC), in addition to completing academic check-ins.

*For more details regarding requirements, please refer to the UF Promise Canvas page. Please note requirements may change depending on the semester (Summer, Fall, Spring).