What is the Office of Academic Support (OAS)?

The Office of Academic Support (OAS) provides support and enrichment services to University of Florida students. Through UF Promise, OAS annually assists approximately 150-400 incoming freshmen with resources and academic support. Our goal is to give students the academic, personal, and professional skills necessary to reach their full potential during their time at UF and beyond graduation. Our events and services are accessible to all UF students free of charge. OAS works in conjunction with integral campus entities such as the UF Admissions, Housing and Residence Education, Student Financial Affairs, the Academic Advising Center, McNair Scholars Program, Career Connections Center, GatorWell, and Academic Technology. Visit our About Us page for further details. 

Where is OAS located and what are the office hours?

The OAS office is located in the Classroom Building in Room 110. Office hours are from 8:30am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday.

What programs and services are offered by OAS?

Our programs include UF Promise (formerly known as the AIM program) and UF Student Support Services (SSS), with services LAP-2 and PUSH4IT! Students have access to academic support resources such as peer mentoring and academic workshops. Workshops cover topics such as study skills, financial budgeting, time management, career planning, library skills, wellness and stress management, networking, and resume-building.  Students face unique and diverse challenges; our initiatives at OAS are intended to enhance academic performance while promoting personal growth and achievement. 

Who can utilize OAS services?

UF OAS services are available to all UF undergraduate students. All students who believe they will benefit are encouraged to take advantage of OAS services. We also provide provide graduate school exam preparation and guides. Stop by our office to learn more. 

Is there a fee for OAS services?

All OAS services are offered free of charge.

How do I become a Peer Leader?

To become a Peer Leader, applicants are selected following a series of informational meetings on the respective positions. Peer leader applications can be found on the Student Involvement page of our website. Deadlines for applications are due in early spring, typically no later than late February. Applicants must participate in a succession of interviews to demonstrate their commitment to student success, as well as competent navigation of UF resources and coursework. OAS Peer Leaders are chosen in March and are expected to train in preparation for upcoming semesters.

Where can I find information about OAS Workshops and social events provided by OAS?

Information regarding workshops and events can be found under the “Students” tab on the OAS website. Please visit the OAS website homepage to learn about upcoming OAS events.

What are some employment or volunteer opportunities at OAS for students?

We offer employment and volunteer opportunities! Positions vary. Employment roles include Desk Assistants, Peer Undergraduate Coordinators, and Academic Success Coaches. Volunteer roles include OAS Ambassadors and OAS Peer Coaches.  To learn more about these positions, including availability, visit our Student Involvement page and the UF Job Board. You may also review UF student employment guidelines on the UF Student Financial Aid and Scholarships website.

How do I sign up for tutoring?

All UF students are currently eligible for free tutoring through the Knack platform.  When logging in to the Knack site, please choose the "Log In with School" option and enter your gatorlink login information.  Tutoring is also available, free of charge, through the Teaching Center.  

Does OAS have computers available for student use?

OAS has study rooms available, each with a privacy door and a computer & monitor.  Study Room priority is given to Tutoring appointments first, then PC/PAL appointments, then open for usage if available.  OAS also now has a computer lab available for student use.  Please check in at the Reception Kiosk, located in the first floor lobby. 

Does OAS provide financial assistance to students?

OAS provides students with a variety of financial assistance. Students who are part of the UF Promise program receive a stipend for the summer B semester only.  Scholarship opportunities are also available for eligible UF Promise and UF SSS students. OAS also offers employment opportunities for students, especially those who are work-study eligible.

What if I want more information?

If you have any questions, please visit OAS in Classroom Building, Room 110, call 352-392-0788, or email


How do I become a part of the Promise program?

Eligible incoming students are placed in the Promise program by the Office of Admissions at the time of acceptance into the university.  You will be notified on your acceptance letter of your placement into the Promise program.  Once you commit to coming to UF, you will receive information on registering for Connect and you will be matched with your Peer Coach.

When will I meet my Peer Coach?

The OAS Peer Coaches (PCs) are assigned prior to Connect where students will be introduced and meet their PC. If students are unable to attend Connect, OAS will arrange for an individual appointment for students to meet their assigned PC.

How long will I have a Peer Coach?

The relationship between a Peer Coach and student is highly dependent on the student’s preferences. The program is designed to provide a PC for the student’s first year. When strong bonds are made, and the Peer Leader is utilized, the relationship can last as long as both PC and student chooses.

Can I participate in workshops if I did not participate in OAS Connect?

Absolutely! OAS programs and services are available to all UF students. In fact, we highly recommend and strongly encourage students to take advantage of all services to enhance their academic success.

How often do I need to meet with my Peer Coach?

All OAS Peer Coaches (PCs) are required to hold office hours. Although it may not be necessary to meet with your peer leader weekly, it is highly recommended that contact with your PC is regular.

Do I have to attend Preview if I am attending OAS Connect?

UF Preview is mandatory for all incoming University of Florida students. Connect is not a substitute for Preview, but is meant to complement or enhance this UF orientation program. The OAS Connect is mandatory for all incoming UF Promise scholars.

What if I cannot attend an OAS Workshop and complete my Promise requirement because of scheduling conflicts?

Promise students may attend other, pre-approved academic workshops presented by different UF departments. Students must provide reasonable documentation of workshop attendance and deliver it to OAS to receive full credit. Please visit the workshops page to browse through a list of approved UF departments which host workshops that may be substituted for credit.


What is UF SSS?

UF Student Support Services program (SSS), is a TRIO program funded by the U.S. Department of Education that provides academic assistance, personal support and cultural enrichment for eligible undergraduate students at the University of Florida. Primary objectives of SSS programs are to assist scholars to maintain good academic standing, to persist in college, and ultimately to graduate from the University with a baccalaureate degree. UF SSS helps students excel beyond good academic standing, scholars are expected to aspire to excellence. This is accomplished through providing access to a wide range of resources and support services. UF SSS is dedicated to creating a supportive academic and social community to help make the university experience a positive one.

UF SSS Scholars may use free group and individual tutoring, participate in financial, educational and developmental workshops, pursue leadership opportunities within the program, and attend cultural events. All services are provided free of cost to active program members.

What are the benefits of being a member of UF SSS?

We help students reach their goals by offering college success resources such as scholarships, staff and peer mentoring, academic coaching, free workshops, tutoring, leadership opportunities, graduate school trips, graduate exam preparation, and career exploration and graduation preparation along with so much more. 

Where is Student Support Services located?

UFSSS is located in the Classroom Building (CBD) at 105 NW 16th Street.  Check in at the front desk in the 1st floor lobby.

How do I apply?

Applications open several times a year, so please check our UF SSS page of the OAS website for the most current application or reach out to one of our SSS staff members for further information.

What is the address?

Our Mailing Address is:
PO Box 118115
Gainesville, FL 32611

We are located in the Classroom Building (CBD) at:
105 NW 16th St, Suite 110.

Call (352) 392-0788 if you have any questions.

If I apply, will I automatically be a part of Student Support Services?

No. UF SSS can only serve around 144 students at a time due to funding. Preference is given to students whose mothers or fathers did not graduate from a four-year college (are first-generation), to students from limited-income families, and to students with a handicap or disability. If you are in doubt, but think you would benefit from UF Student Support Services, join an info session, apply on our page, contact Dr. Browdy, UF SSS Director, or call (352) 392-0788.